Welcome to The Shoe Garden - For women with longer feet!

Sourcing gorgeous long shoes is closer than you think!

“You must go to Italy or to the US to find all these gorgeous shoes,” I’m asked time and again.

I wish!

Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for my budget, agents who represent all the brands I stock pretty much come to me.

Twice a year, a shoe expo is held at various hotels at Kangaroo Point, around 10 minutes away from The Shoe Garden. This expo travels to capital cities twice a year and each brand hires a room or two and displays all their offerings for the upcoming season.

In July, I see the next year’s Autumn/Winter range and in January or February, I see that year’s Spring/Summer range.

I’ve just finished making all my appointments for a full and busy day one Monday next month. They range from 30 minutes to one hour. Sometimes every shoe goes to longer sizes, so I spend much more time with these brands, but sometimes it’s only a small part of what they offer. Anything is better than nothing though, right?

I’m getting much better at preparing for this day-long feast of gorgeous shoes.

I wear something comfortable. I admit that I carefully select my shoes because, hello, I’m surrounded all day by people who work in the shoe industry and, like me, it’s often the first thing you notice about someone! I also have an extra bag for catalogues, plus my iPhone fully charged to take photographs. And I have my greatest asset: my Mature Age Consultant (aka my darling mum!) who has come with me to every expo since the beginning and is always a great supporter and confidant.

Actually it’s quite a family event. Mum and dad join CC and I for breakfast beforehand. Dad then takes CC for the day so she’s not lonely. She’s so used to coming to The Shoe Garden with me every day that she’s quite put out if she’s ever left at home by herself! Then mum and I head to our fist appointment and try and pace ourselves across the course of a really busy day.

So Kangaroo Point is a long way from Rome or New York, and not nearly as exotic, but it’s also lovely to have such easy access to gorgeous choices of longer-sized shoes so close to home.

Until next time
Carol & CCx

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