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Shoes and boots reduced in not one, but two, sales

It’s always the same … the day before a sale starts, I think I’m crazy for spending hours and hours bringing out every shoe in every size still available and putting them on display.

Why don’t I just mark down the one pair that is already on the shelves and that’s it? The rest stay in their boxes out the back until required. It would probably take a quarter of the time.

And then the first day of the sale comes, and for its entire duration, I’m so glad that I spent the time displaying every shoe in every size.

It makes it so simple and fast for my gorgeous customers to find all the shoes in their size in one section of the shop and try on whatever they wish in their own time. I just get them the partner shoe if they fit and they decide they like them.

This year, I’ve decided to have not just one sale, but two. And yep, it took even longer and yep, I wondered out loud as I was doing it and yep, I don’t mind now either because I have seen how successful it has been.

The Secret Garden Sale is where everything is $80 or less. I’m housing it in my little courtyard and have decorated it with pink paper flowers and pompoms. It looks gorgeous and, of course, it’s filled with amazing shoes at amazing prices.

I’m a big believer that a retailer needs to be more than just a place to buy stuff. It needs to make you feel fabulous … from a caring, honest owner who is interested in you to an appealing environment with fabulous stock at great prices. Oh, and if you can throw in “giving back” in there, too (with 25c to $5 from every item sold at The Shoe Garden being donated to the amazing MicroLoan Foundation Australia), then that means you’re more than just a shop. You’re a community.

My sale is on throughout June.

Until next time,
Carol & CCx

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