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And the second most common question is…

In my last blog post, I revealed the question I am asked the most as a proud shoe shop owner.

Now for the second most popular question: “Where do you find all these (insert either gorgeous, fabulous or amazing) shoes?”.

It’s hard for many of us with longer feet to comprehend that we can have choices. When I first decided to open The Shoe Garden, I was a little worried about where to find my stock and if I’d be able to offer enough variety. After all, my shoe shopping experience up until then had varied from underwhelming to downright traumatic.

Where were all the gorgeous shoes for those of us with long feet?

The first thing I did was go through my own shoe wardrobe, make a list of all the brands, find their contact details and get in touch. I looked at what other shoe shops around the world were offering in longer sizes and before I knew it, I had up to 20 brands ready, willing and able to sell me some gorgeous shoes.

Now, none of the brands that I stock are exclusively for longer sizes. It’s just that other shoe shops (even, ridiculously, some of those that sell their own brands that go long) choose to stop at size 10, perhaps a size 11. A size 12 or 13 … you’re dreaming!

So I’m actually spoilt for choice these days, so much so that as I continue on my journey as a proud shoe shop owner I’ve become more discerning about which brands that I stock at The Shoe Garden.

Poor quality shoes? They won’t be coming back.

Too much inconsistency with sizing? So not welcome.

Pushy or disrespectful agents? I won’t put up with it.

So, when I answer this common question, I explain all this and reassure my customers that the brands I stock are those that I consider to be the best in quality, style and customer service.

Some of my faves include: CBDDiana Ferrari, Django & Juliette, FRANKiE4, Hinako, Isabella, J.Renee, Katie n Me, Naturalizer, Rollie and Supersoft.

It’s always nice to have choices. But for those of us deprived of choices for so long, it’s especially sweet.

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