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Putting your best foot forward!

I bet people were wondering what on earth we were doing…

Twelve gorgeous women, in a tight circle, with their right legs extended to the centre of the circle, much like we were doing the Hokey Pokey!

“Put your right leg in…”

But we weren’t doing the children’s dance.

These beautiful customers, my darling mum and myself were at QPAC on Tuesday night to see the spectacular Kinky Boots musical. And, of course, I needed photos of us all and this particular shot was designed to show off our gorgeous shoes and boots … all from The Shoe Garden and all looking amazing.

It truly was a fantastic evening for so many reasons:

  • to say “hey, thanks” to some wonderful customers who have supported The Shoe Garden for many years;
  • to laugh in delight when the usher said: “Are you from The Shoe Garden? I have bought shoes from you and read on Facebook that you were coming tonight. I was hoping you were going to be at my door”. What a small world!
  • to watch a musical devoted to people who love to make shoes and people who love to wear shoes, the higher the better;
  • to sit back and think about my own business that also caters for a niche market;
  • and to appreciate the overall message of tolerance and respect for everyone.

Kinky Boots gets 10/10 from The Shoe Garden!

Until next time
Carol & CCx

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