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Not much need for shoes … at least for a weekend!

For someone who owns a shoe shop and adores gorgeous shoes, I was so happy this past weekend to not be wearing any shoes!

Walking along the beach on North Stradbroke Island, squishing the sand between my toes and letting the cool salty water wash over them, was idyllic.

I hadn’t had a weekend off work in a very long time; a weekend away was long overdue.

So last Sunday, CC and I were on the 7am barge to Straddie and while the weather was grey and miserable (somewhat matching my mood at that moment), the next day was divine and my mood, spirits and outlook soared.

I forgot an important lesson, you see. To spend time in, with, watching and admiring nature is soul-satisfying and nurturing.

I sat and watched a kangaroo munching on grass with her joey peeking out of her pouch. I saw whales slapping their tails with carefree abandon. I got teary when I saw it for the first time. It was just so beautiful.

I also admired for ages a turtle bobbing up and down in crystal blue water and gasped when I saw dolphins hurling themselves through the air. And all day I listened to kookaburras laughing and each time I felt my heart grow a little more.

I stayed at the divine (and dog-friendly) Stradbroke Island B&B and was made to feel so at home. Hosts Diane and Denis were so gracious and kind. I can’t wait to go back!

This is not to say that during these two days of bliss I ignored the retail world. Within an hour of arriving, I had already bought a fabulous caftan that I wore most of the time I was there. I was a little proud of that!

Early on Tuesday morning, on the first ferry back to the mainland, I started tapping away on my iPhone to create a post for Facebook. Then I realised what I was doing … I put the phone away and just sat and watched the sunrise as the ferry glided through the calm water back to Brisbane.

I’ve been feeling fabulous ever since. Lesson learned.

Until next time,
Carol & CCx

CC on the beach