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So what DO I do when no one is buying gorgeous shoes?

I am often asked what I do all day when there are no customers in the shop.

Here’s what I did yesterday:

  • Arrive at 6.30am, put my hair up and kick off my heels. It’s about to get physical!
  • Re-arrange the whole shop as I’ve had new deliveries
  • Reduce the size of the “on sale” section as a result, so put spare shoes back in their boxes and onto shelves out back
  • Dust and clean shelves as I go
  • Cut back a plant that is growing up from the floorboards into my shelves (seriously!)
  • Unpack some more copies of my book “In My Shoes” and arrange them around the shop
  • Sweep
  • Vacuum
  • Put away shoes from the day before
  • Post on Facebook, both on The Shoe Garden page and the In My Shoes The Book page
  • Post on Instagram
  • Input some receipts from the past few days into my trusty spreadsheet
  • Finally clean out the filing cabinet out back. It was time!
  • Put the rubbish out
  • Open the shop. It’s 10am
  • Think about ways to celebrate my upcoming 5th birthday. Woohoo!
  • Start my monthly e-newsletter to customers that’s due out next week
  • Also start, and annoyingly not complete as planned, a brief for my lovely designer as I want to revamp the look of my e-newsletters and this blog, too. Stay tuned!
  • Study my cash flow and breathe a sigh of relief. All good
  • Pay some invoices
  • While I’m there, pay some personal bills, too
  • Somehow snap my bracelet and watch in horror as beads bounce all over the floor. Sweep yet again and worry all arvy that I’ve missed a bead and someone will slip on it
  • Finish January’s monthly report that I started the day before and the 16 variables that I count every month. Now onto February’s! I hate being two months behind but I just need to breathe and not beat myself up about it…
  • Clean the front windows and glass door … little noses gazing at CC in wonder from the outside often result in smudges!
  • Keep adding things to my list of things to do as I think of them … if it’s on there, it will get done eventually
  • Lose count of how many emails and phone calls I respond to
  • Read a few of the daily blogs that I subscribe to for inspiration and information. My faves are from Flying Solo and Inside Retail Australia
  • Water all the pot plants (something that I usually forget to do so feeling very chuffed to include this on my list!)
  • Change home page of my website so it looks fresh and exciting for regulars
  • Accept delivery of two big cartons of shoes; two styles that I will unpack, stack, put on my Point of Sale software and website tomorrow morning. Have run out of time today
  • Finalise and post this blog!

And yes, I also serve gorgeous customers throughout the day. I chat, give advice when asked, leave them in peace when sensed, listen to their stories, laugh with them and cry a bit, too (sad dog story…sigh!).

Then repeat the next day.

Until next time
A proud but pooped shoe shop owner

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