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Need new shoes … stat!

Okay, so I know how busy people are and how sometimes finding the time to visit The Shoe Garden for some gorgeous shoes is difficult to fit in between all of life’s demands.

So, I am super proud to introduce The Shoe Garden Express service!

Here’s how it will work …

Busy customers can browse my website and search by brand, type, size or colour.

They can then make their choices and email me with the brand name, style name and size of the shoes they would like to try on, plus the day and time of their visit. I will them email them confirmation to ensure I have received their request. I will ask for an hour’s head start (in case I’m super busy in the shop) and am happy to hold their selection for up to 48 hours.

It was so funny as I’ve had this idea for a while and last week a lovely regular came in and knew exactly what she wanted and I sensed she was in a bit of a rush. I ran this idea by her and she laughed and said she had been tempted to call me to put some shoes out for her but thought that would be a bit pushy.

Pushy? No. Organised? Yes! This is a win-win for me and my gorgeous customers.

I look forward to seeing how many enjoy using this new initiative.

Until next time,

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