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Here are some stories from mainstream media and blogs about myself, CC and the beautiful Shoe Garden. Most of them revolve around operating a niche business, my dramatic career change or gorgeous long shoes!




Ooh, I am very chuffed to be featured in a story in the August edition of The Australian Women’s Weekly. It’s a story about the lost art of spontaneity and I share how I embrace being outside my comfort zone and doing things spontaneously … like deciding to open my own longer-sized, women’s shoe shop in just four hours!
July 2017.






Bmag story



What a great headline for this story in Bmag! I loved answering so many questions about my beautiful shop and why I decided to write my book. 30 May 2017





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I LOVE shoes, but my second love is definitely books! I was thrilled to be asked to select my Top 10 books on business for Kochie’s Business Builders and while I showed restraint and didn’t include my own (!), I think you’ll find a few surprises. 15 May, 2017.



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I was very happy to confirm: since becoming self-employed, I have never, ever, ever been happier in my career! This article appeared on the Sydney Morning Herald’s website on 29 March, 2017.




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What a way to finish 2016! I was super proud for my book to be profiled on the Lionesses of Africa’s website. Given I have devoted an entire chapter to my giving back to some remarkable women in Malawi, it was a great fit!






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This was a fun one where I was given the opportunity by Kochie’s Business Builders to showcase 10 women who I enjoy following on Instagram, either because they give back or they are clearly proud business owners … just like me! It was published on 10 December, 2016.






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It was really nice to be featured in industry magazine Footwear News in December with a review of In My Shoes, my book.






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This story in the Sydney Morning Herald where I shared what it’s like to grow up and come to terms with having “long” feet touched a nerve with a lot of women. I received cards and emails; new customers found me; and some were even inspired to write a Letter to the Editor. It was published on 27 November, 2016.




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On 18 November, 2016, Kochie’s Business Builders published a 1,000 word extract from my book, “In My Shoes: What it’s really like to start your own business. Woohooo! Was super excited about this.






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And the day before, I was also delighted to feature on Kochie’s Business Builders website chatting about my business journey.





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I was thrilled to be interviewed on ABC Radio by community correspondent Heather Smith. It was so much fun! 14 November, 2016.




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Ok, ok, I know this isn’t a media article but I was incredibly excited when I first saw my book listed on the National Library of Australia website. And yes, I do occasionally check to see whether it’s available for lending or is on a wait list! 🙂





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I absolutely loved this story as, for once, it focused on my giving back as I’m a proud not-just-for-profit. Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to interest the media very much so the Huff Post was a great exception. It was published on 2 May, 2016.




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I was very happy to share some ideas in this article published on 22 March, 2016 about how to build an engaged customer community…one of my favourite topics!





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This starts off as a story in the Sydney Morning Herald on 4 March, 2015 about elevator shoes for men, including George Clooney apparently, but I get a little mention about halfway through talking about how amazing operating a niche business can be.





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Getting on the Visit Brisbane shopping directory in 2015 has meant more customers can find The Shoe Garden, whether they are locals or visiting from interstate or overseas.





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I enjoyed talking about my career change in the Jamaica Blue magazine on 15 January, 2016. You can read the whole story on page 32.




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On 21 November, 2013, Bmag profiled The Shoe Garden. Soooo many people saw this!





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Open Colleges interviewed me about how changing careers brought me immense happiness.





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This story appeared in The Courier-Mail on 18 May, 2013, just over a year after opening The Shoe Garden.





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On 3 December, 2012, the Smart Company website interviewed me about being a niche business.