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Life as a shoe shop owner … one week at a time!

For a while now, I’ve been thinking about my blog and feeling a little lost as I write it; a little unsure of its focus or purpose.

Given that I’m popping up in your Inbox every Friday, or you’re reading this on my website, I want this to be worthy of your attention.

When I thought about it, I decided that what I really want to write about is my life as a proud shoe shop owner; what has happened in that week in either shoes or in my business. I want to give you an insight into the shoe business!

This new direction was inspired by last week. My, what a week it was. You know, when everything comes together; when things that never usually happen do happen; when the unexpected and the unnerving rattle you a little?

What I learned after this week is that it’s pretty darn easy to do what you have to do when life is humming along nicely (things like eat well, exercise, get stuck into your to-do list at work and at home, ensure the world knows you’re still around by socialising occasionally, even though you feel like you’re drowning in work…). The real test is when challenges are thrown at you. Or the odd grenade.

It started when my garage door went crazy last Sunday. Who would have thought? Up and down it went, not caring which button I pushed, until it closed completely and would not open, not even manually. Already panicked with a website issue and ongoing emails to get it sorted; already pretty tired after spending the morning un-doing my sale which had ended the day before; I was flummoxed. I had to be at a lunch with friends and I was already late and it appeared that I wasn’t going to be driving anywhere for a while.

I raced upstairs and called a taxi. I raced back downstairs and smelled smoke. I raced back upstairs to cancel the taxi and lunch and then stayed at home to monitor the situation while trying to get hold of the after hours electrician. He was unavailable as he had had an accident and was in hospital. His day was much worse.

Although, I have to say, I was in a fair bit of pain myself. My back went during all this and oh boy, did it hurt. I’ve been struggling since this time last year with back issues and have never felt as vulnerable. Then I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my hip and the back issues seemed to disappear. Until it happened again. Luckily I could see my physio on Monday thanks to a cancellation and she was confident, after lots of intense and deep remedial treatment, that it would disappear in a few days. It did.

Meantime, my darling dad went into hospital also on the Monday to have knee reconstruction surgery. It’s never nice seeing anyone you love in hospital or in pain or not feeling well. He made it through the fog of morphine and anaesthetic and after five nights in hospital, returned home and is learning to use crutches and be a passenger in a car for a few weeks and hopefully not too much of a back seat driver for mum’s sake!

Midweek, my darling Maltese CC also had a health scare. I ditched another early morning appointment for the second time (the first time I had to cancel because I still couldn’t get my car out of the garage!) and raced her to the vet. She was checked thoroughly and no reason could be found for her state. She was completely miserable and uncharacteristically disinterested in life. At 13.5 years, I was quietly beside myself, but after a sleepless night, checking on her constantly, she was back to her normal self the next day. Tail wagging; jumping around; happy as can be.

And then yesterday, just when I thought life had calmed down a little, I broke up a fight outside the shop.

No fisticuffs were involved, or even weapons, but there was lots of pecking and an awful amount of screeching and feathers flying as it was a fight between about 15 to 20 birds!

I know it’s nature and nature can be harsh, but I couldn’t stand to see so many birds at risk on such a busy road doing whatever it was they were doing. As it turns out, a woman driving past stopped to help and a man collecting his drycleaning, helped me untangle two of the birds whose claws were twisted together. Not sure if that’s how you “take down” someone in bird land but geez, it was vicious. And while one was down for the count on the road after a sickening thump with a car, and the two that we separated also seemed hurt, all three ended up flying away.

So perhaps that’s the lesson. No matter what happens, hang in there and stay tough. Life shakes you up sometimes and the test is to keep fighting! Eventually things will work out and you can fly again.

Until next time,
Carol & CCx

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