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In My Shoes — how it all began

I never thought I would write a book. Then again, I never thought I would open a shoe shop!

I loved writing In My Shoes: What it’s really like to start your own business. I started in January 2016 and it took me seven months to capture what it has been like to walk away from a 23 year career as an employee, working in journalism, public relations and fundraising all over the world, to become a proud shoe shop owner and self-employed for the first time.

inmyshoes_cover-72dpiAfter seven months of writing every weekend, it took another three months to work with five experts in the publishing industry in order to produce the book: an editor, graphic artist, typesetter, proofreader and printer. It was pretty tough to coordinate them all (and run a business full-time, too!) and while my background is journalism, publishing is very different. I preferred it this way, though. To go the traditional route would have taken me up to two years from first approaching publishers for their support and then going through the process with them … perhaps with not as much control as I have enjoyed when self-publishing, however.

I loved the idea of creating a book that reflects me and my beautiful business. There were no compromises. I love that the font size is slightly bigger than many books (my glasses rarely leave my face these days, so that was important to me!). I love that there are splashes of colour throughout, which is rare in books. I also love the size as it feels good in your hand and I love, love, love the cover!

The book follows my first four years in business and I was basically writing it “live” at the tail end of my fourth year.

I hope that it’s more than just a business book. It’s a narrative, almost a memoir, I guess. It’s about beautiful, long shoes and gives an insight into the shoe industry. It’s also about how I believe in giving back and my life-changing trip to Malawi. A consistent theme is about believing in yourself and backing yourself. We all need to do that and probably more often in our lives.

If you would like a copy, please visit here and I will proudly send you one.