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Hurry up! We need new shoes now!

Fast fashion: two of the most popular words in the fashion industry for some time.

Retailers such as Cotton On, H&M and Zara are among many associated with the ever-growing demand that sees drops of new clothing arrive in-store regularly with super speedy turnaround before the next drop … often there’s only a week in between.

It’s been happening in clothing for ages and I think footwear is starting, ever so slowly, to catch on.

But, and it’s a big but, I realise creating shoes, a three dimensional product that supports the weight of our body so therefore must be structurally sound and supportive, is more complex than two dimensional clothing … otherwise we’d all be making our own shoes, right?

It’s also important to realise that a lot of clothing that is made so quickly is not of high quality, some intentionally designed to not last long to encourage further buying.

This is not what I mean or want. What I would like is to have access to new shoes being delivered all year around, especially as lines between seasons are blurry at best. Last April was the hottest on record in Brisbane … I remember how long it took for Autumn to arrive, let alone Winter. I think shoe designers need to start creating and demanding trans-seasonal styles that are delivered throughout the year.

Given that, I was excited to discover that for the first time, I am being offered shoes for Summer 2017 by some brands that will purposefully arrive over four or five months, instead of all at once in one huge delivery. Some will be arriving earlier than ever before; others much later.

Think a more wintery style in July, another in August, something more summery in September and sandals in October.

I love that for so many reasons.

  • It brings my customers back in again and again to see what’s new
  • It helps my cash flow because my invoices are smaller and across a longer timeframe
  • It gives me so much to talk about in social media and marketing materials when new styles arrive
  • It keeps life exciting … for me and my gorgeous customers!

I hope other brands get on board … I would love to one day offer new shoes every month of the year instead of a glut of shoes from February to April and then again from August to October.

Fingers crossed. Time will tell, I guess.

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