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I hugged boots and was speechless … what happened at the Winter 2018 Shoe Expo!

It was the luscious, blush pink microsuede boot that did it … I picked it up and hugged it.

As I stood there, swaying slightly (seriously!!), I knew there was a different vibe in the air. I could feel it!

Whereas this past Winter saw shoes and boots that were quite subdued in style and with little colour other than various shades of taupes and browns, it looks like 2018 will see an explosion of bold colours and textures for when the temperatures cool.

Nearly all the ranges I viewed at the shoe expo on Monday were braver and more exciting than I’ve seen before in a winter range. Yes, there was always an offering in black, and some sensible and classic choices that I will always include in my range, but some of the colour choices were particularly surprising.

While there is still a fair bit of metallic, especially rose gold, I saw a lot of gorgeous styles in shades of beautiful blue, from sky blue to cobalt and navy, often mixed with other colours. Indeed, that was a definite trend … two-toned creations, or even three or four!

Striking shades of green got a nod, from khaki to grassy, and lots and lots of red of all hues, from plum to cherry and everything in between.

Grey was a gorgeous neutral that appeared a few times, as well as the aforementioned, swoon-worthy blush!

And it doesn’t end with colour … textures and style have been ramped up a notch, too.

Think pastel pink and blue pythonskin-patterned, patent leather for a sassy ankle boot!

Imagine a patchwork of colours and patterns on beautiful flats.

Pretty embroidery and lush brocades on shoes and boots were a highlight, often also appearing on brogues and lace-ups.

While ankle boots again reigned supreme, there were more long boots available than the past few seasons. It looks like they are making their inevitable comeback.

Slides or mules were also very popular, as was the use of velvet: very tactile and lovely to wear.

Block heels were common, on both shoes and boots, as well as unusual heels at jaunty angles or with flashes of metallic trim.

And the pick of the season so far (I still have a few more brands to see so I’m being a bit presumptuous) but I was super impressed (almost speechless, in fact!) with the Katie ‘n’ Me range, an Aussie-designed brand that I’ve stocked from Day One. It was a superb range that I’m incredibly excited to show my gorgeous customers in February or March next year, along with so many more delightful, long shoes and boots across all my favourite brands.

But, as always at this time of year, while my mind is swirling with options and ideas of what to buy for next winter, I also have a superb summer range due in coming days and weeks and a long, hot summer ahead. Some has already arrived; so much, much more is still to come.

Until next time
Carol & CCx

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