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How much have The Shoe Garden & Shop, Share, Care supporters raised…

DSC00038Before travelling to Malawi in late December 2014 with my mum to see the work of Microloan Foundation Australia first-hand, I donated $1,000 to say “thank you” for allowing their staff (pictured above with us at the Microloan Foundation office in Mulanje, southern Malawi) to spend a day with us. I donated another $500 in January as, tragically, Malawi was devastated by torrential flooding shortly after we left and some of the Dodo women lost their homes. Sigh …

I was very proud in May 2015 to add the first monthly donation to this page for proceeds from all my in-store and online sales during April 2015 and then for every month onwards. I will also list separately any further donations gifted by Shop, Share, Care supporters on an ongoing basis. Yahhhh and thanks!

Before my not-just-for-profit launch 

December 2014      $1,000 from The Shoe Garden

January 2015          $500 from The Shoe Garden and $250 from Carol’s parents, Eric and Ingrid Haffke

At the not-just-for-profit launch

Monies raised at launch party: $1,660 donated by my wonderful guests. Wow!!! And this was matched by an anonymous donor so that’s $3,320. Amazing!!!
Huge thanks to: Susie Krimmer, Marjorie Trundle, Valerie Kerr, Narelle Todd, Lisa Donnelly, Madison Tronc, Kristy Ellery, Gina Pilkington, Andrea Doyle, Ella King, Penny Edwards, Christine Woosley, Lynne Spalding, Shayne Rutherford, Mark Ashworth, Nigel Dowling (Hinako and Isabella shoes, a fabulous supplier to The Shoe Garden), Leanne Rolph, Kerry Darvall, Michelle Standley, Katherine Yorkston, Amanda Watt, Tina Turner, Zoe Palmer, Frances Porter, Melissa Court, Diane Collier, Lesa Gates, and Raylene & Desley Allen.

A very special donation at my launch party was from my darling 7-year-old god-daughter, Annelise who saved up money from her chores and donated $7. 🙂

Into the future

$50 from Eva Bylund & Simon Cloonan through Shop Share Care

$100 from Jo Hammond Photography through Shop Share Care

$531 from April sales … thanks to everyone who bought anything at The Shoe Garden in April

$468 from May sales … yah to all who shopped at The Shoe Garden in May

$100 from Brett Walduck, from Rod Walduck Footwear, who supplies my divine Amber Rossi and Aerobics shoes

$691.50 from June sales … huge thumbs up to all my gorgeous customers for shopping at The Shoe Garden in June

$50 from the Transport and Main Roads Executive Services team

$439 from July sales … many thanks to everyone who shopped at The Shoe Garden this month

$641.50 from August sales … yah to everyone who bought gorgeous shoes this month

$514.50 from September sales … woohoo! Thanks everyone.

$800 from the Year 5 students at St Ita’s Primary School at Dutton Park whose wonderful teacher Rachel is a lovely customer

$714.50 from October sales … wow! I’m so proud of this donation. 🙂

$50.35 from my darling god daughter, Annelise which she said was “to help the poor women in Africa”.

$100 from Ingrid and Eric Haffke, my darling parents

$468.50 from November sales … a lovely donation thanks to my lovely customers buying lovely shoes!

$50.30 from an anonymous donor who was inspired by darling god daughter and didn’t want to upstage her by giving more than her $50.35 …. awwwww! 🙂

$269 from December sales .. as always, thanks everyone who bought lovely shoes in December.

$369 will be donated from sales in January … a great start to the new year. Thanks everyone!

$404.50 is going to do a lot of good from sales in February … woohoo!

$400 was raised from sales through March, whether in-store or online. Fantastic!

$442.50 from April sales … big thanks to everyone who shopped for gorgeous shoes during this month.

$100 from the wonderful team at Harem Fashions (who supply me with Polly and Miss M shoes and new label for SS2016, Bueno Shoes made in Turkey)

$529.50 was raised throughout May from every sale so huge thanks to all who shopped in-store or online

$522.50 was the final results from June sales. Thanks everyone who shopped at The Shoe Garden then month.

$432.50 was the final total after sales from throughout July. It’s always so exciting to see what each month’s total is.

$521 was donated from sales in August. Yah everyone who shopped in-store or online this month!

$60 was donated by my darling god daughter Annelise who saved all her money from chores. Such a sweetheart.

$60 was also donated by my dear friend Diane, who matched Annelise’s donation and will do so again whenever she donates. Thank you so much FGD. 🙂

$806 was the impressive grand total after wonderful sales in September. Woohooo!

$983.65 was raised by Grade 5A and 5B students from St Ita’s school in Dutton Park. Their beautiful teacher Rachel is a Shoe Garden customer and this is the second year she has nominated MLFA as the beneficiary. Great work kids!!!!

$651.50 from October’s sales … what a great result for another busy and happy month.

$610 was donated from sales in November … such a great way to end the year. Thank you everyone!

$349 from December sales has helped some amazing women in Malawi. Thank you all and Happy New Year for 2017!

$241.25 was the total raised from January sales. We’re getting closer and closer to the big $20k!

$189.75 will make a difference thanks to everyone who shopped in February.

$259.75 was proudly donated on behalf of everyone who purchased shoes during March.

$261.50 from sales in April is a fabulous outcome for some smart business women in Malawi. Thank you!!

$282 was donated from sales, in-store and online, throughout May. Getting closer and closer to $20k!

$279.25 was raised from every sale every day during June

$129.70 was further donated by The Shoe Garden simply to bring the grand total to a nice, round, incredible $20,000!!!! Thanks to EVERYONE who has ever shopped at The Shoe Garden or helped raised money for the amazing MicroLoan Foundation Australia through my Shop Share Care program. Look what we’ve done together!!!

$391.50 is the fabulous donation amount thanks to everyone who bought shoes or handbags throughout July.

The grand total to date is: $20,391.50

($14,430.20 from The Shoe Garden and $5,961.30 from Shop Share Care supporters)

If you would like to donate too, please do consider doing so and, if you like, let me know your name and donation amount and I can include you on this wonderful list of people who care. Thank you!