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Hello Spring

My favourite season is about to start.

That’s in real-life with today being the first day of Spring.

But in fashion, Spring essentially started two months ago in July when the first of my new season shoes started to arrive. By this week, the end of August, I had the majority of my stock for the warm weather ahead.

Fashion is so far ahead of reality; too far in my humble opinion, but I don’t know how to fight it when everyone does it.

I can’t not have stock when others do. That could cost me precious sales.

Sometimes, not even the suppliers know when stock is arriving thanks to potential delays in production, quality controls, transportation dramas, even getting stuck in Customs for weeks. Of course, the sooner they receive the shoes, naturally they want to distribute them to retailers such as myself to start the countdown for payment.

I know some customers are amazed by it all. One woman was nonplussed when I said I had run out of her size in a sandal. “But it’s not even summer yet,” she said. “I know,” I replied. “But it’s been popular and I’ve had it in store for a few weeks now.”

I continue to struggle with guilt and joy when it comes to running out of sizes and styles. I hate not being able to provide a customer with what they want, but my business is selling shoes and the faster I do so, the better for my business. I just have to hope there’s another option that I can help the customer to find that they will also love.

But back to the joys of Spring …

For me, it’s not just the hotter weather, which I adore, but these days it’s all about the shoes!

There are so many more opportunities to wear gorgeous shoes at this time of year. From thongs to sandals to slides and slingbacks; styles overall are more playful, colourful and just plain fun. There are also so many more occasions from school formals, gala dinners and race days, to Chrissy parties, travelling, holidays and for everyday, too, of course.

And, oh my, the colour. The shop brightens up in the latter half of the year, although as I have hinted already, my Winter 2018 collection, which I’ve just finalised buying, has the most colour ever.

So, enjoy this gorgeous time of year! And don’t forget to ignore the calendar when it comes to fashion!

Until next time
Carol & CCx

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