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Happy tears at The Shoe Garden

A woman cried in my shop this week.

She sat in the front showroom and wiped away her tears, but they kept coming.

Normally, you’d think this would be a problem if it happened in your shop, but it’s not uncommon at The Shoe Garden.

The woman was focused on her daughter who was smiling and laughing as she tried on a beautiful pair of sandals.

Her daughter is 40 and for the past 20+ years has struggled to find shoes that fit.

Other than thongs.

Or sneakers.

But watching her try on shoes was lovely for her mother. At one point., the daughter said: “I can’t believe I have girly feet again.”

As a business owner, I love it every time a customer walks into my shop, but I do enjoy it especially when new customers visit. Their reactions are priceless, or those of their relatives who know how difficult it has been for them to find shoes that fit, let alone are fabulous.

Tears, hugs, high fives, dancing, breaking into song … I’ve seen and heard it all!

I feel their pain and their joy. I struggled, too, to find shoes that fit my size 12 feet for such a long time, which is why I knew, I just knew, that when the idea popped into my head one emotional Sunday in November 2011 to open my own longer-sized, women’s shoe shop in Brisbane, that it was a rock solid idea. Nothing could have, or since has, dissuaded me from that.

There was a chasm waiting to be filled of desperate girls and women who were being neglected simply because their feet were a few centimetres longer than what was deemed the norm.

Sharing such an emotional journey with my customers is incredibly rewarding and inspiring and is truly one of the best things about my job.

Until next time,
Carol & CCx

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