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Focus on long shoes only, Carol!

106909_iris-smartphone-crossobody_teal-tribalI have recently reduced all my beautiful Sakroots handbags and purses by 25%.

I should have known not to buy them for The Shoe Garden, but I got distracted by their gorgeous-ness!

You see, when an agent asked me if I stocked bags, I responded with a firm “no”. I had in the past, but they didn’t sell well. And then I made the mistake of looking into the room where the bags were and falling instantly in love. Oh my, were they divine and so well made and funky and fabulous … I just had to have them … for me and for the shop!

They sold pretty well at first, but then, not so much. I think I have since confirmed what I long suspected … Shoe Garden customers are focused pretty much exclusively on my long shoes. They might glance sideways at a pretty purse or a beautiful bag occasionally, but seriously … after years of deprivation, they simply want as many pairs of gorgeous shoes as they can get.

So … lesson learned. Diversifying can work for many retailers, but not for me as a specialist in long shoes.

I will focus all my attention on offering a diverse range of gorgeous shoes in size 10 and up, as that is what my customers really want. I’m listening!

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