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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How have you measured heel heights?

A: There seems to be many ways people can measure a heel height. I have decided to measure from the middle of LR SG2015_103the top of the heel at the back of the shoe from the start of the heel to the end of the heel, excluding the heel cap. That seems to me to be the most accurate way.

Q: What size am I?

A: Probably a few different sizes in a few different countries! It’s so hard when there is no consistent international standard. In some cases, I have included the European size and then the corresponding Australian size, according to the label. Note, these can be different so a 44 might be a Size 12 for some designers but a Size 11 for others. Sigh. Please call me if you want advice. I have a Size 12 foot and can be your benchmark whether the shoe you are interested in is a good fit, slightly small or slightly large.

Q: Do you have “vegetarian” shoes?

A: Yah, yes we do. As a vegetarian for more than 30 years, I was so pleased to find some shoes that don’t use animal products. However, I have chosen to call these “animal-friendly” shoes as it really has nothing to do with being a vegetarian which is all about what you eat. There is a separate category to search for animal-friendly shoes and this also includes some bags.

Q: Do you refund or exchange shoes if I buy them online and get them and don’t like them or they don’t fit?

A: Absolutely. See our Policies section for Refunds and Exchanges.

Q: How long will it take to get my shoes once I order them online?

A: I will get them to you as fast as possible! See our Policies section for more details.