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A fabulous extra for your suede boots and shoes

I love it when brands value-add.

It shows respect to their customers, that they care and that they value their ongoing custom.

Supersoft and Diana Ferrari, two Aussie brands I’ve been stocking since I opened The Shoe Garden, are going one step further with their suede shoes and boots by applying a water resistant spray to them.

How good is that?

FB zm_VIBRANT_BLU2048_1[1]That means gorgeous creations such as the Vibrant over-the-knee boot (which I’mzm_BAZAAR_BLK056_2[1] wearing as I type this!), or the beautiful Bazaar ankle boot, already have that protective coating essential when wearing suede.

Of course, it’s highly recommended to continue to protect your fabulous footwear by applying ongoing treatments, but it means you can wear these straight after purchase and know they are protected against the elements. Very impressive.

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Carol & CCx

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