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Everything you should not do on your precious, business dreaming and planning days!

  • Put a load of washing on.
  • Then another.
  • Unload the dishwasher.
  • Change a lightbulb … seriously, I did!
  • Not have lunch organised so you cook something and it tastes yuk so you have vegemite on toast instead, which you should have just made in the first place.
  • Keep checking your iPhone for emails and online orders even though your gorgeous staff member is completely capable of looking after your shop while you’re away for the day.

Yep, I was a bit hyper at first and not able to settle. I think it stemmed from a hugely busy few days and weeks in the shop, selling lots of gorgeous long shoes, unpacking fabulous new deliveries each day, as well as viewing shoes and ordering for next summer. My head was spinning.

pillowSo what you should do on these dreaming and planning days and what I eventually did:

  • Relax. This is your time to dream big (just like my cushion says!) about your beautiful business.
  • Don’t do any housework just because you’re at home. You’re working from home today; there’s a HUGE difference. Better still, if you’re worried about achieving this, get household chores and stuff done the night before.
  • Have a notebook in front of you and just write whatever crazy idea comes to you. This is sometimes where the magic starts. Other times, it doesn’t, but that’s okay, too.
  • Don’t chide yourself for being so crap at this … it’s a bit like meditation and takes time to clear your head and give yourself permission to dream.

In the end, I had a few pages filled. I think I have a few gems — they need a bit of polish, a bit of development, but I am confident they will evolve … just like my ability to maximise these precious days when all you really have to do is dream big!

Until next time,


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