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Ankle boots: they’ve come a long way!

Once upon a time, ankle boots were like little mini wellington boots or else were the classic pull-on boot with a distinct country look and feel.

Not anymore!

In the past few years, I have noticed a purposeful shift away from not just the old style of ankle boots, but also long boots, to much more effort, style and focus placed on the lower end of the spectrum, from shoe booties (shooties, apparently!) that stop at or just below the ankle bone to any height of boot up to the mid-calf.

For anyone who only wears dresses and skirts like myself, this is a fabulous development. I started wearing ankle boots for the first time a few years ago and have never looked back. I’ve been impressed that each year the range gets more adventurous and fun and, importantly, stylish.

A good fit is the key, much like a long boot, I guess. You don’t want a lot of gaping around the top of the boot aka the wellington boot look. Ankle boots these days tend to fit closer to the ankle or the leg, tapering at the top and offering a shapely silhouette that is ideal to accompany most outfits.

Donda TanI love the lace-up look and many of these, given their style, fit snug on the leg. They reflect a certain charm from years gone by and look wonderful with floaty dresses and skirts and even pencil skirts. There’s usually a handy zip at the side so once the laces are adjusted to suit, access is easy and speedy. FB iZZY-Gunmetal-Side

A bold, block high heel on an ankle boot always looks great if you don’t mind the extra height. This style has brought the ankle boot into the corporate wardrobe and it’s not uncommon to see them worn with suits and looking sensational.

This season, there are some great shoe booties that will also make another appearance throughout Summer later in the year. They look like a high heeled zm_WILDER_MET1479_2[1](typically) shoe but have full coverage across the foot, perhaps with a peeptoe and/or side or back cut-aways. For our warmer climes in Queensland, these are especially versatile all-year-round.

I have just this week completed my order with J.Renee for Winter 2018. I know … so far ahead of time but given our different seasons, a necessity. I can assure you there are some SENSATIONAL shoe booties and ankle boots in this range.

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